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What’s the purpose of a CTA in content marketing?

Buy now! Add to the cart! Claim your iPad! These are the phrases commonly referred to as calls-to-action, or CTAs for short. While it’s hard to imagine quality content including a straightforward selling-focused CTA like these, you do need CTAs integrated into your works. But you should aim for something a bit more shrewd and subtle.

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I’ve recently come across a very neat and handy solution which completely changes the way content marketers shorten links, basically making the likes of and rather obsolete and modest. To put it simply allows you to “steal” a small piece of ad space from any website you share on social media.
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Pizza-scented DVD ads are clever but intrusive

It looks like DVD rentals are still preferred in Brazil, given a big brand is prone to utilize DVDs as a medium for a very clever advertisement. Working for Domino’s Pizza chain, a Brazilian ad agency imprinted pizza scents on discs, forcing people who rent DVDs to smell and presumably crave for a pizza right after watching a movie.

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