Twitter’s new video-sharing tool gets a warm welcome

Twitter has recently rolled out Vine, a new tool which allows the user to record and share looped videos lasting six seconds or less. Short clips are video equivalents of tweets, also harshly limited in terms of length. In the world where every message needs to be short and simple to receive any attention, Twitter’s foray into video world is likely to be a success.

Initially tailored for iOS-based devices only (though an Android option is reportedly on its way), Vine is offered as a free app available via App Store. Utilizing the smartphone camera, the Vine app allows the user to shoot videos with sound in the form of quirky looped clips. The results can be posted on Vine and shared through Twitter. Also, Vine app makes it possible to interact (and compete) with others, including browsing clips with Twitter-like hashtags and following friends or any other interesting user. Editor’s picks are also available.

While a lot of journalists and bloggers bought into the hype around Vine, its first week was marked by various issues. At the time of its arrival, Vine makers boasted Facebook integration. But the Vine app was blocked by Facebook and a video sharing function was added to its own mobile version. Another problem that appeared a couple of days ago was a deluge of porn clips hitting Vine. The problem came to light when an NSFW-marked clip was featured among the editor’s picks due to a “human error,” as it was later explained.

Actually, the idea and technology behind Vine is not entirely new, given these Vine vids remind good ol’ GIFs. But Vine certainly makes creating them much easier and more fun. In fact, the current hype around Vine is similar to the one that followed Instagram’s release two years ago. Also without offering anything ground-breaking, Instagram has been quickly adopted by users, mainly due to its simplicity and cool effects it offered. It’s quite more than possible that Vine may soon follow in Instagram’s footsteps.

Pawel Piejko

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