Evoland lets you play through the history of video games

Starting from pixelated monochrome worlds of early games right up to the top-notch 3D shoot em’ ups, Evoland takes you on a journey through the history of video games. Instead of skills and equipment, you unlock and collect better graphics or gameplay improvements.

My career as a gamer began in the mid 1990s, hence I followed the evolution of games as they happened. It’s not just about technology and graphics, but more importantly about the gameplay, which changed dramatically over these last two decades. For example, take the cover system allowing you to automatically hide behind an obstacle in order to fire safely at your enemies, which became popular only several years ago, following the success of the likes of Uncharted, or Mass Effect. Before that, you had to constantly move if you wanted to stay alive. Now, think of a game which recreates the experience you had when ground-breaking games were released. Basically, that’s what Evoland is about.

In fact, Evoland does not try to cover the whole gaming history, but instead it focuses on jRPG and action-adventure titles, such as Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda and Diablo. The gameplay and graphics change as you play Evoland. For example, the combat is turn-based 2D, or real-time 3D in varying art styles, according to your progress. You may also expect a full array of locations and challenges, including dungeons full of monsters and treasures, puzzles to solve and some sort of strategy. Even the most basic features sometimes need to be unlocked, such as game-saving.

Originating from an online contest in which developers create games on a single theme in 48 hours, Evoland has only recently evolved into a retail product. It’s currently available through the Steam and GOG online stores, so you can grab your own digital copy for about 9 bucks and take a little trip down memory lane.

Pawel Piejko

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