Pizza-scented DVD ads are clever but intrusive

It looks like DVD rentals are still preferred in Brazil, given a big brand is prone to utilize DVDs as a medium for a very clever advertisement. Working for Domino’s Pizza chain, a Brazilian ad agency imprinted pizza scents on discs, forcing people who rent DVDs to smell and presumably crave for a pizza right after watching a movie.

A DVD rotating in a drive might get very hot in the process, right? So why not utilize this simple law of physics. Working in partnership with 10 video rentals from Sao Paolo, Artplan creative agency imprinted a pizza flavored varnish on numerous DVDs with Hollywood blockbusters, including ARGO, Skyfall and Dark Knight Rises. Made of thermal ink, the label is invisible in room temperature. But when you eject a warm disc after watching a movie you are treated with a smell of a pizza. Also, a pizza image replaces the regular DVD’s cover, along with a message in Portuguese that translates into: “Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino’s Pizza.”

While it’s certainly one clever form of DVD-targeted advertising, it may sound a bit outdated in countries where DVD rental services are dwindling. For example, they’re almost non-existent in Poland, where the largest and probably the only one DVD rental chain has been recently shut down. Even though Netflix is not available here, we can watch nearly everything online. But broadband connection in Brazil is not that good, hence video rentals are still thriving, as the ArtPlan art director puts it.

Creativity aside, in the world where people strive to deter ads, Domino’s Pizza campaign seems a bit risky. While tackling online ads is rather simple using ad blocks and spam filters, you certainly can’t get rid of a smell that easily. I’m afraid not everyone will appreciate the unquestionable ingenuity of the campaign.

Check out the idea in the video below:

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