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Before your hit “Publish” — an SEO checklist

The boundary between SEO and content marketing has been diminishing ever since Google’s latest algorithm updates. There’s basically no magic behind being successful in terms of SERP ranks any more. It’s just quality content that matters. Well, OK, it’s not just that. Magic fairies won’t skyrocket your super duper content to the top of the SERP. However, SEO copywriting can help. Here’s a handy SEO checklist for a savvy content creator.

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5 reasons why you need a company blog

At one point or another your boss may ask you about the purpose of the company blog of which you’re so proud. The question might be similar to the one my boss asked me a few weeks back: “Hey Pawel, I appreciate the quality of your writing, but it seems that everyone is blogging now. Isn’t it just a fad? Tell me, why do we need the company blog again?” Let me help you answer these questions.

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